Basin Business Advisor Services

Targeted Advisement

A business, including a social enterprise, that requires advisement on a specific issue of concern or opportunity, has the opportunity to meet one-on-one with an advisor; recommendations will be summarized in a brief written report. The Targeted Advisement is free.

Assessment and In-depth Counselling

A business, including a social enterprise, interested in a more in-depth review and analysis may, after the initial meeting, engage in an assessment process with the advisor. The review will cover:

  • business history, products and services;
  • financial management practices;
  • in-depth financial analysis and business performance;
  • pricing methodology and related policies;
  • marketing practices and market opportunities; and
  • human resource management issues and practices.

The advisor will provide a detailed report with recommendations on improved management strategies, new opportunities, or other areas identified as priorities. The Assessment and In-depth Counselling is free.

Consulting Services

A business, including a social enterprise, which requires further analysis or expertise following the assessment can receive the services of an independent consultant. The consultant will address specific issues to improve the success of the business. The BBA program provides a contribution to the cost of consulting services.

Additional Business Advisement services/resources in the Basin region include: (West Kootenay) Concept and growth innovation business coaching. (East Kootenay) Concept and growth innovation business coaching.
Imagine Kootenay (West Kootenay) Business resources and referrals.

Counselling Services


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