An in-depth Financial Review for your Business

Doing business in the Columbia Basin is special. Supply chains can be complicated. The cost of doing business can be challenging to quantify and benchmark. We can help you understand your business with the lens of a regional specialist. Meet with an advisor who understands business in the Columbia Basin and analyze your finances with an expert.

Participants in our HR Education Series of workshops and webinars are eligible for specialized, one-on-Participants in our Financial Education Series of workshops and webinars are eligible for specialized, one-on-one consulting with one of our senior advisors. We can work with you to understand your business’s financial reports and create an action plan for your monthly reporting cycle.

Some Financial Reporting Topics you can explore:

Establishing a monthly reporting cycle.

  • What you should be looking at every month
  • Which reports are key to understanding your finances
  • Cashflow isn’t the same as profit
  • Gross Margin versus Net Income
  • Stabilizing your burn rate

Understanding your core financial ratios.

  • Which key ratios are best for your business
  • How to calculate your ratios from your statements
  • Debt, Equity, Earnings and Assets
  • Are you heading in the right or wrong direction

Planning to plan – first steps to make a budget.

  • Understanding why every business has and needs a budget
  • Using the past to predict the future
  • Setting financial goals
  • Seeing how small changes can make big differences  

Benchmarking your future performance against your past

  • Using your key ratios to benchmark your business 
  • Implementing measures to give you a business health thermometer
  • Finding ways to improve cashflow
  • Giving employees information to influence future company performance

How to Access this Free Service

All participants in the Financial Reviews should have completed the Financial Education Series webinars within the past three years.  Eligible BBA clients can schedule a Financial Review with one of our expert senior advisors based right here in the Columbia Basin. Analyze your finances with an expert today!

Contact us to learn more about getting started on the Financial Review program. Please note these services are available to current clients of the Basin Business Advisors located in the Columbia Basin region of B.C.