Social Enterprise Advisement

The Basin Business Advisors Program (BBA) supports and inspires entrepreneurship and builds economic capacity in Basin communities by strengthening and supporting existing businesses.

We provide free, one-to-one, confidential business advisement and assessment services to businesses  in the Columbia Basin region.

A Social Enterprise is a business that is operated by a non-profit to help the non-profit reach its goals. Social Enterprises can be organized in more than one way and range in mandate and mission. They have as many diverse needs as a traditional business and at times, more.

A Social Enterprise is not a for-profit business with a social purpose.

Example Businesses:

  • a social services agency operating a bakery that employs at-risk youth and uses the revenue earned to fund their various community programs;
  • a hospital auxiliary that operates a thrift store with revenues routed back into health services; and
  • a local market or food sustainability project collects fees for stalls and/or service to support local producers.

Is your non-profit is operating a Social Enterprise? Our Advisors can help!

Common areas of support for social enterprises include:

  • safety plans for COVID-19
  • cash flow and financial management;
  • marketing;
  • getting online;
  • business case development for grants;
  • preparing for financing;
  • financial analysis;
  • understanding financial statements;
  • operations;
  • business and strategic planning;
  • human resources, hiring;
  • competitive analysis;
  • target market analysis;
  • general business viability;
  • comparing your business to your industry; and
  • others.

*Please note our program does not provide any form of financial assistance including loans or grants nor do we provide support regarding board governance.

The BBA Program is prioritizing assisting as many businesses as possible to get better at using technology; however they want to use it. If you’re not sure where technology may improve your business operations we can do a free assessment with you and make some suggestions.


To participate the Social Enterprise must be:

  • headquartered in the Columbia Basin map;
  • a non-profit society operating a Social Enterprise and generating revenue;
  • in compliance with all Canadian laws and regulations; and
  • registered and have a business number.

What types of businesses that are ineligible?

  • concept or start-up businesses that have not generated revenue including social enterprises; or
  • a business model that solely relies on donations. The non-profit may rely on donations; however, the social-enterprise must generate sales revenue.

Not sure if your Social Enterprise is eligible or might benefit from our program? Contact Us and we can talk about it!

Consulting Cost Sharing

Our Advisors may recommend the services of a specialized independent business consultant to provide further analysis and recommendations on a specific area of business management. The BBA program provides a contribution to the cost of specialized business consulting services on a case by case basis.

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Each business is required to complete our online application form. The information gathered helps our Advisors to determine your businesses’ eligibility. Once we receive your application form, an Advisor will be in touch to further discuss your needs.

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