I knew I wanted to expand to online sales but I was overwhelmed with all the options. My Advisor helped me navigate the whole process and connected me with tech people that are actually helping me! I feel like I have a team behind me now and I don’t have to know everything or figure […]

Adapting to Covid restrictions and keeping up with information has been exhausting. I wonder sometimes if I should keep going. I had an one hour conversation with an Advisor and at least now I know I’m not missing something! She didn’t have any magic answers, not that I expected them, but I feel encouraged. She […]

Business Advisory

A Regional Focus for Basin Business Owners The Basin Business Advisors Program (BBA) supports and inspires entrepreneurship and builds economic capacity in Basin communities by strengthening and supporting existing businesses. We provide one-to-one, confidential business advisement to businesses in the Columbia Basin region. Our advisors are current or prior business owners who have worked and […]

I felt a bit embarrassed to call for an appointment. Shouldn’t I know this stuff? I’ve been in business for a long time, I know my industry but I struggle to pay myself. I am so glad I called. The Advisor was really understanding and took the time to learn about my situation. There was […]

My business could grow in many different areas. I wasn’t confident in where to put my effort. My Advisor helped me analyze the potential, both in time and in money, and now I have a strong plan of how to go forward. I feel confident now in how to make decisions and to adjust my […]

We have a business that employs a lot of staff. I wasn’t sure the BBA Program would be useful to us but the Advisor was very knowledgeable and helped us see some opportunities in our business that we would not have found on our own. She respected our knowledge of our business and capitalized on […]

I felt like I was on a hamster wheel of chaos. My Advisor came to my business and basically took stock of what I was doing. I felt immediately encouraged when I learned I was doing many things well and with a few immediate changes I started to feel back in the driver’s seat. I […]

My business is growing really fast and I need to hire some staff, I felt really uncertain about how to do anything around human resources. My Advisor helped me figure out everything from how to create a job description to recruiting to remitting paperwork to the government. Once I had a handle on that we […]

We paid someone to do an expensive evaluation on our business as we prepare to sell but we didn’t understand the document we received. Our Advisor helped us to understand the process of valuation and now we feel more empowered to negotiate with potential buyers.

We’ve been building our business for 35 years, our staff are like family and we wanted to treat them right as we sell. Our Advisor helped us navigate the process of succession planning and we have a strong offer for sale prepared and feel really good about what we’re asking for our business. Bring on […]