The Basin Business Advisor Program offers cost sharing consultant services to clients on a case by case basis. This means we assist with the payment of the services and oversee the work.

We keep a roster of consultants for our Advisors to consider when serving a client.

The process for consultants to work with the BBA Program is that we contact you, the consultant, if we have a client that requires services you may provide. We request a proposal, including fees, specific to the scope of work. We may request proposals from more than one consultant for a project prior to contract.

The BBA Program engages the consultant on behalf of the client. If a consultant engages with a client previous to the client engaging with a BBA Advisor the consulting work is not eligible for the cost sharing program.

The form below is a brief introduction to your services to be included in our roster.

Consultants Form

  • We will follow up with you for further discussion and information about your services.

    If you would prefer to apply via email please send to with attachments if desired.