Tech Review for your business

For the last year, businesses have had a crash course in technology and how it can (and can’t) work for their business. Businesses throughout the Columbia Basin have taken this on, building online stores, upping their digital marketing, implementing new point-of-sale systems, and more.

We recognize that for many businesses, these new systems can be overwhelming and there’s need for further one-to-one help.

For example, you’ve set up your social media pages, but you’re still not sure how to use them. Or your having trouble keeping your online store updated. Or you don’t have time to research which technology tool is best for your business.

Whatever your technology challenge is, we’ll find an expert to help you.

To get started, we’ve set-up appointment times* with our tech experts for the following topics:

  • Digital Marketing: August 19 or September 16
  • E-Commerce:July 28 (full), August 25 or September 21
  • Programs & Apps for Business: August 5 (full), September 1 or September 29

*Note: if you need help with a different area of technology or if these dates don’t work for you, complete the sign-up form and we’ll find the right expert and date for your Tech Review

These services are available to businesses based in the Columbia Basin region of B.C.