Agriculture Marketing Workshop – Stay Profitable Without Leaving the Farm

Agriculture Marketing Workshop – Stay Profitable Without Leaving the Farm

How do you tell a compelling story and build your farm identity online? What do you need to do to sell online? How can you capitalize on the increased demand for local food?

Ensuring your farm business has an effective online presence is more important than ever. Agriculture Specialist, Nyree Marsh, will walk participants through the key factors for marketing and selling online. You will come away with ideas on how to fit online opportunities to your operation.

We will review:

    • Brand Identity – logo, Facebook and Instagram profiles;
    • Best practices for Social Media – how to tell your story and show what is unique and special about your farm;
    • Digital Marketing Plan – how to reach your customers, cross promotion with other producers and markets, integrated with how you sell (online, face to face, at markets);
    • Options for website platforms – the benefits of different sites, costs, ease of use, etc.;
    • E-Commerce – selling online and methods of taking payment.  This can be very simple or fully integrated with your inventory.

Workshop Cost: Free

Workshop Delivery: Online

This workshop is delivered virtually using Zoom.  Once you complete your registration, meeting details will be forwarded. You do not have to have a camera to participate.

Workshop Date:

These will be 2-Hour workshops starting at 4:00 pm Mountain Time

Register online or call for information:

Register online or call us toll free to register at 1.855.510.2227. Please make sure you register at least two days prior to the workshop date in order to ensure a seat.

There is opportunity to have one-to-one time with Nyree Marsh, BBA Agriculture Specialist anytime. Apply here.