HR Education Series

HR Webinar Series

In response to a strong request from our clients, the Basin Business Advisors has created an HR webinar series covering key topics to support employers and business owners. Sign-up for the series or choose the ones best suited to your needs.

Our Education Pre-recorded Webinars are provided at no cost to all businesses based in the Columbia Basin Region (View Map). This investment in your business is provided by the Basin Business Advisors and funded by the Columbia Basin Trust.

Why Watch A Pre-Recorded Webinar?

  • Time: Videos are available 24/7 along with the printable PowerPoint document*, allowing you to access the information in real-time at your convenience.
  • Pace: Some learners only need a concept explained once and get it. Others, take it at a slow pace. These videos allow you to stop and rewind as much as you need to.
  • Mobile Learning: Videos are designed in a way that is user-friendly for those accessing them from a phone or tablet device.

Session 1: Recruiting & Hiring the Right Employees

Hosted by: Caitlin Hall-Sharp

By recruiting and hiring the right employees from the start, you’ll save yourself time and worries down the road. In this webinar, learn:

  • How to be an attractive employer
  • How (and why) to hire for personality over skills
  • How to write appealing job descriptions
  • Effective interview tactics
  • Communication
  • Job offers and employee contracts





Session 2: Employee Retention Strategy—Keep the Best!

Hosted by: Caitlin Hall-Sharp

Avoiding staff turnover saves you, as a business owner money. So part of retaining staff means understanding why people stick with one job over time. In this webinar, learn all about:

  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Perks
  • Workplace culture
  • Staff training
  • Process for promotion





Session 3: What’s in a Policy & Procedures Manual (& why do I need one)

Hosted by: Caitlin Hall-Sharp

For those employers who want to develop or improve their Policy & Procedures Manual, this webinar covers:

  • Why it’s important
  • What’s the difference between policies and procedures
  • Review of employment standards
  • Determining what’s legal in terms of policies





Session 4: How to Manage & Lead for Success

Hosted by: Caitlin Hall-Sharp

We can’t control how others act, the best we can do is recognize our own role. In this webinar, learn:

  • What makes a great manager
  • What makes a difficult workplace
  • How to manage and limit staff turnover
  • How to identify the root cause of problems in the workplace
  • How to recognize when you, as the owner/ manager, are the problem




*Powerpoint documents are not available for all webinars, link will be provided on the video page.