Planning for Sales in the Basin

Lean into Your Sales Process and Build a Plan

Successful sales and selling techniques are driven by repeatable sales processes and thoughtful plans. Learn how to turn marketing into sales through Planning for Sales in the Basin. Learn how to use a sales process and a sales strategy tailored for businesses in the Kootenays.


Session 1: The Marketing Mix – Defining Marketing and Sales for your Business

Hosted by: Danny Turner

It’s easy to confuse marketing and sales in your business.  However, marketing and sales are not the same things. In this webinar, learn:

  • The difference between marketing and sales
  • The four major marketing principles
  • How marketing can deliver ‘leads’ to your business
  • What a marketing strategy can do for your sales tactics




Session 2: The Sales Cycle – from Leads to Sales to Referrals

Hosted by: Danny Turner

Every sales process has seven key steps that should be defined for your customers and your business. In this webinar, learn:

  • The high-level sales process and sales funnel
  • The seven key steps of the sales cycle from leads to sales to referrals
  • How to build a sales funnel for your business and its products
  • How to track your leads through the sales funnel to a confirmed sale and future referral




Session 3: Sales Operations and Measuring Progress in the Basin

Hosted by: Danny Turner

Successful salespeople use data to track conversions and measure the success of the sales process and marketing tactics. This webinar covers:

  • How to measure the success of your sales processes
  • Defining conversion rates for your sales channels and processes
  • Evaluating successful marketing campaigns in terms of actual sales
  • Making decisions about future sales opportunities by looking at current and past performance




Session 4: Pulling it all Together: Deliver Results with a Sales Strategy

Hosted by: Danny Turner

Once you have your marketing strategy, sales tactics, sales process, and conversion measurements in place, you can build your sales strategy to deliver the desired results while planning for sales in the Basin. In this webinar, learn:

  • How to build a simple sales strategy for your business
  • What information you can use to bulk up your sales strategy
  • How to use your sales strategy to put together targets for your sales team
  • When you can use your sales strategy to measure progress against the plan





All webinars are hosted live with quizzes, Q&A sessions, and interactive content with the facilitator. Digital presentation materials are distributed to attendees via email in advance of the session.