HR Review for your Business

As a business owner, you carry many responsibilities including the effectiveness and health of your workers. An HR Reviews give you, as an employer and business owner, HR advice tailored to your immediate needs.  

Topics may include:  

  • Creating a sick leave policy
  • Creating and enforcing new HR policies, such as vaccination requirements, cell phone use at work, etc.  
  • How to ask employees for vaccination status 
  • Strategies for recruiting (and keeping) new employees 
  • Hiring process for first-time employers 
  • Motivation and reward strategies
  • Identifying the root cause of difficult workplace culture 
  • Managing labour relation conflicts 
  • Creating employment contracts to protect you from conflicts  
  • Payroll process

Fill out our simple questionnaire describing your business and your HR challenge and we’ll contact you to book your no-cost, one hour HR Review with one of our HR consultants.

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  • For example: I've reduced business hours because my staff won't commit to shifts. Or, my business is growing and I want to hire skilled staff but am unsure how to do this. Or, I'm unclear how to develop policies in terms of labour laws and staff calling in sick.
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