An in-depth HR Review for your Business

Doing business in the Columbia Basin is special. With our natural beauty, outdoor-focused culture and high concentration of seasonal businesses, it can be a challenge to build and retain a workforce that you can count on to grow with you.

Participants in our HR Education Series of workshops and webinars are eligible for specialized, one-on-one consulting with a Human Resources specialist who can help you build a plan to make lasting change to your plan for human capital management.

Some HR Topics you can explore:

Regulatory Compliance

  • Sick Leave Policies
  • Minimum Wage compliance
  • Separation/termination versus seasonal layoffs
  • WorksafeBC compliance
  • Payroll Processes and rules

COVID-19 and the Law

  • Vaccination Policies for employees and customers
  • How to ask employees for Vaccination Status
  • Temporary Layoffs and Reopenings
  • Wage subsidies or reopening grant supports

Recruiting and Retention

  • Strategies for recruiting (and keeping) new employees 
  • Hiring process for first-time employers 
  • Motivation and reward strategies
  • Creating employment contracts to protect you from conflicts  

Workplace Culture in the Basin

  • Identifying the root cause of difficult workplace culture 
  • Implementing policies and procedures that create work/life balance
  • Dealing with seasonal workers and calling people back to work
  • Managing labour relation conflicts

How to Access this Free Service

All participants in the HR Reviews should have completed the HR Education Series webinars within the past three years. Eligible BBA clients will be provided with a voucher code that can be used to schedule and attend an HR Review with one of our specialist consultants based right here in the Columbia Basin.

Contact us to learn more about getting started on the HR Review program. Please note these services are available to current clients of the Basin Business Advisors located in the Columbia Basin region of B.C.