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Local Stories

Remer’s Renderings offers exceptional customer service and creative engineering that sets them apart from other businesses in the fabrication industry. With an eye for artistry, skilled welding, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Remer’s Renderings sought support and direction to grow their business. After meeting with the Navigator and getting set up with an Advisor, Crystal and Dan received the support they needed to understand their finances better.

With the assistance of an advisor, they learn how to measure profitability and make decisions based on financial data. The guidance helps them understand where their business is and allows them to plan for future growth. Crystal stated, “It’s helped mentally, especially my husband’s confidence. He believes now that he doesn’t have to run a business a certain way because he’s a nice guy. We now have the mindset, not just the confidence, that we are in business and the business is supposed to make money, and now we feel like we have the tools to know quickly whether or not things will make us money.”

The best part of their experience is that they know the support doesn’t stop. Crystal and Dan can always return to the program for help if they have questions or need additional guidance. They recognize the value of being able to have someone on their side who has their best interests in mind. Not only do they receive personalized advice from an expert but also additional educational resources that are tailored to help them grow a profitable business.

Remer’s Renderings is grateful for the assistance and guidance the BBA Program and its team of Advisors provide. With continued support, they are optimistic that they will be able to continue building a successful business.

“I just don’t think business owners understand that these types of resources are out there. We had no idea how many resources were there until I started looking, but I didn’t start looking until we were worried. If I had researched sooner, I could have helped our business sooner. We have already started sharing the program with local business owners so they can invest their time in the program now instead of later.” shared Crystal.