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Three New Education Courses

The Basin Business Advisors Program is launching three new agricultural and financial education courses.

All the BBA Program Education courses are at no cost other than your time and effort to attend.

All three sessions are available On-Demand.

Agriculture Education Series

Raising Livestock in the Columbia Basin: A Regulatory Overview

In a shifting regulatory environment, there are expanded options for primary meat producers to process their animals and gain entry into the meat industry. Get an overview of these options and discuss what model might work best for your farming operation.

Webinar, 60 minutes

Available On-Demand

Hosted By: Nyree Marsh


Succession Planning for Farms: Making a Plan for the Next Generation

Growers are increasingly wondering who will take the reigns as the current generation of food producers move toward retirement. Numerous support, planning, and matching services are available to growers who want to make a plan for the future of their farms. Get an overview of these options and chart a course to build and implement your success plan.

Webinar, 60 minutes

Available On-Demand

Hosted By: Nyree Marsh

Financial Data Education

Becoming a Data Scientist: Analysis for Everyone

Sometimes intuition and guesswork don’t make the grade in times that are fast changing and beyond our control. Using your own financial data to help make decisions is achievable. When should you pursue that new market or hire that new employee? Is it time to look for an investor or make that big capital purchase? Data-driven decision-making is a foundational part of running your business successfully.

Webinar, 90 minutes, Available On-Demand PST Danny Turner

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