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Our Advisor really listened to the values of our enterprise and helped us identify our target market, that clarity is everything, we have direction.

It can be such a challenge to work as a social enterprise reporting to a board. Our Advisor helped us define some boundaries that allow us to operate with better autonomy and the board stays in their lane.

It was so validating to hear that the agriculture industry in the Kootenays is growing and there are supports for producers! I met Nyree through one of the workshops and went on to work with her to figure out what I’m making profit on and what I’m not. Definitely time well spent!

I am tired of having the same problems year after year with staff on my farm. I want to have good workers that stick around and come back year after year. Nyree listened and gave me some suggestions that I’m going to put in play immediately. Basically it comes down to being a better communicator […]

I was confused about what online platform to participate in with my market garden, this is the Kootenays- do I need to be online? Nyree helped me work through the options, see the benefits and I feel confident in my decision.

Nyree has real farm experience, it was a delight to meet someone so passionate about helping farmers, what an amazing resource this program is!

I knew I wanted to expand to online sales but I was overwhelmed with all the options. My Advisor helped me navigate the whole process and connected me with tech people that are actually helping me! I feel like I have a team behind me now and I don’t have to know everything or figure […]

Adapting to Covid restrictions and keeping up with information has been exhausting. I wonder sometimes if I should keep going. I had an one hour conversation with an Advisor and at least now I know I’m not missing something! She didn’t have any magic answers, not that I expected them, but I feel encouraged. She […]

Our cafe is a social enterprise but we need to compete just the same as any business. Our Advisor helped us create a marketing plan that we’re proud of and matches the values of our organization.

We operate a thrift store as a social enterprise. We needed a point of sale system that our voluteers could all manage. Getting that organized was a big relief. It has freed our paid employee up to focus on other things and everything is running smoother.