Business Advisement

The Basin Business Advisors Program (BBA) supports and inspires entrepreneurship and builds economic capacity in Basin communities by strengthening and supporting existing businesses.

We provide free, one-to-one, confidential business advisement and assessment services to commercialized businesses assisting in creating and sustaining jobs and/or bringing wealth into the Columbia Basin region.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we do business and the way we live. As individuals and businesses we need to become more nimble and innovative. We will need to reinvent our businesses and workplaces to remain viable. During this time the BBA Program is busy collecting resources to help businesses and we can help you navigate the government support programs that are coming into effect.

Also consider that you have time now to do things in your business you’ve been meaning to do or planning that has never reached the top of the priority list. We’re here to help you figure out how to pivot in the short term and the long term – to get ready for being open for business when this pandemic is over. Fill in our application form or get in touch with the Advisor in your area to get started on being proactive for your present and future.

We can help assess and advise the readiness of a business to employ technology and/or areas where a business would benefit from technology adoption.

Technology is only useful if it makes things better. There are many forms of technology a business can employ, everything from a point of sale system that assists staff in knowing what is available in the back room to using apps that make the customer experience better to automated labeling to improve manufacturing productivity to name only a few examples.

Our Advisors have tools to help assess the readiness of your business to employ technology as well as identify areas in your operation that would benefit from implementing some technology.

You don’t need to know what you want for technology or where you might use it, we can help identify those areas. From there we may need to research or point you an expert who can help you implement a solution.

With the world changing in ever more unpredictable ways getting online has never been more important, as well as supporting staff to work remote and take advantage of new opportunities.

Common areas of support include:

  • improving profitability
  • preparing for growth
  • cash flow and financial management;
  • human resources;
  • financial analysis;
  • marketing;
  • operations;
  • business and strategic planning;
  • competitive analysis;
  • target market analysis;
  • general business viability;
  • preparing for financing;
  • succession planning;
  • comparing your business to your industry;
  • employing technology; and
  • others.

We provide you with advisement and the tools to manage your business – you make the decisions and implement!

*Please note our program does not provide any form of financial assistance including loans or grants.

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Participation Requirements

In order to be successful, our program requires the interest, commitment and time of the participating business owner. You must be willing to openly discuss business situations, disclose critical issues that impact your business and share confidential business financial information with our advisors. Please note we will use nondisclosure agreements.


Your business must be:

  • headquartered or management based in the Columbia Basin map;
  • a for-profit business that is actively conducting business and earning revenue;
  • in compliance with all Canadian laws and regulations; and
  • registered and have a business number.

What types of businesses that are ineligible?

  • concept or start-up businesses that have not generated revenue including social enterprises;
  • multi-level marketing businesses; and
  • chain stores

Not sure if you’re eligible? Contact Us and we can talk about it!

Consulting Cost Sharing

Our Advisors may recommend the services of a specialized independent business consultant to provide further analysis and recommendations on a specific area of business management. The BBA program provides a contribution to the cost of specialized business consulting services.

Ready to get started?

Each business is required to complete our online application form. The information gathered helps our Advisors to determine your businesses’ eligibility. Once we receive your application form, an Advisor will be in touch to further discuss your needs.

Apply for services, we’ll be in touch!

Have questions before you apply? Contact Us and we can talk about it!

If you are an Agriculture Based Business, you may prefer to reach out to our Agricultural Specialist Learn More.

If you are a Social Enterprise, you may want to check out this page.