It was so validating to hear that the agriculture industry in the Kootenays is growing and there are supports for producers! I met Nyree through one of the workshops and went on to work with her to figure out what I’m making profit on and what I’m not. Definitely time well spent!

I am tired of having the same problems year after year with staff on my farm. I want to have good workers that stick around and come back year after year. Nyree listened and gave me some suggestions that I’m going to put in play immediately. Basically it comes down to being a better communicator […]

I was confused about what online platform to participate in with my market garden, this is the Kootenays- do I need to be online? Nyree helped me work through the options, see the benefits and I feel confident in my decision.

Nyree has real farm experience, it was a delight to meet someone so passionate about helping farmers, what an amazing resource this program is!

Agriculture Business Advisory

The Agriculture Business Advisor provides free, one-to-one, confidential business advisement to agricultural businesses, food producers, and food processing businesses in the Columbia Basin region. Eligibility Your business must be: headquartered in the Columbia Basin map; a for-profit agriculture business that is actively conducting business and earning revenue; a non-profit operating a social enterprise farm or food […]

We’ve been growing a steady business with a few key crops on our farm. We see opportunity in many areas, ways to capitalize on our current distribution and make more money. Our Advisor helped us do a feasibility analysis on our ideas and we’re moving forward with one. The tools this program has to help […]

I’ve been raising cattle for 10 years but the market has changed and I wanted to see if there were places I could do things differently. My Advisor helped me analyze my operation and supplied some great tools to figure out if I was making money and where I could shave my expenses. I was […]

We have been operating our market garden for a few years. We grow amazing vegetables and our customers love us. We had to face the reality that we didn’t know if we were making any money and if we were on which crops? Our Advisor helped us with cost of production tools that have made […]

My farm has been in my family for two generations. I feel very torn about selling it but that is the reality. I have a few years to plan this out and I’m so glad I called the BBA when I did as the sale of farm land is more complicated than I realized. What […]

My son wants to come farm with us. We have three children, only our one son wants to farm. Our Advisor found us the resources to figure out how to create an equitable succession plan for our family. I am so relieved and we can start the conversation with our children.