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On-Farm Recruitment and Readiness Series

Thank you for signing up for the BBA Program’s 2024 On-Farm Recruitment and Readiness Series. This recently updated series, presented by Molly Thurston, P.Ag. from Creston, provides tips and strategies for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retention for your Columbia Basin farm this season!

All three session videos are below. They are available 24/7. Save the webpage for future reference.

Session 1 – Getting Ready to Hire

Hosted by: Molly Thurston

Level up your hiring plan for the upcoming production season. In this webinar, you will learn the basics of getting your farm ready to find the people who will make your season great. Learn about:

  • Writing appealing job descriptions for agriculture
  • How to pitch your farm as an attractive place to work
  • Safety and compliance for agriculture businesses
  • Employment regulations for on and off-the-farm
  • Wage planning and budgets

Session 2 – Finding the Right Candidates for your Farm

Hosted by: Molly Thurston

Recruiting suitable candidates is critical to success on the farm. This session will outline where and how you can find the superstars who you want on your team this year. Learn about:

  • Where to advertise so candidates can find you
  • Different types of wage support programs and recruiting support
  • Various employment models that are available to you, such as Co-op students and retraining programs

Session 3 – Interviewing, Onboarding and Retention

Hosted by: Molly Thurston

Understanding best practices when interviewing candidates and onboarding new hires will give you a leg up this season. This session will provide tips and strategies to level up your skills as you hire, onboard and retain qualified staff for your farm. Learn about:

  • Interviewing candidates
  • Onboarding employees
  • Training and mentoring new employees
  • Retention best practices