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The Basics of Rising Rates and your Business

Learn the basics of interest and inflation rates, then understand your operating margins and profitability sensitivity to these rate changes.

•             The connection between rising interest rates and inflation

•             What rising rates mean for small, privately owned businesses

•             Why inflation and higher interest rates will change your financial statements

•             How you can model the impact on your cash flow and predict the future of your business

Building a Plan to Adapt Your Supply Chain to Rising Rates

Once you understand the impact rising rates will have on your business, it’s important to build a plan to react and build resilience in your business.

•             The three major components of a plan for rising rates

•             Where you can find the effect of these two factors in your supply chain

•             How to determine when pricing should change and how to calculate which prices to adjust

•             When you should talk to your customers and suppliers about price changes