Succession Planning for Farms: Making a Plan for the Next Generation

Growers are increasingly wondering who will take the reigns as the current generation of food producers move toward retirement. Numerous
support, planning, and matching services are available to growers who want to make a plan for the future of their farms. Come to this
webinar session and get an overview of these options and chart a course to build and implement your success plan.




Succession Planning Resources Can be found HERE


This session is created and hosted by Nyree Marsh, Nyree has over 20 years of hands-on farm experience. Since moving to the Columbia Basin in 2005, she
has been an active member of the farming community and the owner of a small-scale food processing business.
Nyree works with all types of primary agriculture producers and with food processors. She understands
the environment that producers are working in, from the operational level to processing and distribution. Nyree is passionate about a robust food system and is fortunate
to spend her time working with farmers and food producers.