Planning for Sales in the Basin

Lean into Your Sales Process and Build a Plan Successful sales and selling techniques are driven by repeatable sales processes and thoughtful plans. Learn how to turn marketing into sales through Planning for Sales in the Basin. Learn how to use a sales process and a sales strategy tailored for businesses in the Kootenays.   […]

How Inflation and Rising Rates will Impact Your Business

The combination of rising interest rates and high inflation is affecting every business in the Basin. Business owners must understand how these external forces are impacting their balance sheet and income statements and build a plan to know when they need to act and adapt to changing rates.

Understanding Your Financial Reports

Your bank account isn’t the only way to see how your business is doing. Learn how to read your financial statements and have a meaningful dialogue with your accountant and bookkeeper. Sign-up for the series and start understanding your financial reports.

HR Education Series

Recruiting and keeping a workforce in the Columbia Basin can be a challenge. In response to a strong request from our clients, the Basin Business Advisors has created a HR webinar series covering key topics to support employers and business owners. Sign-up for the series or choose the ones best-suited to your needs.