How Inflation and Rising Rates will Impact Your Business

Be Rate Ready: Rising Interest and Inflation Rates in the Basin

React to Rising Rates in your Business. The combination of rising interest rates and high inflation is affecting every business in the Basin. Business owners must understand how these external forces are impacting their balance sheet and income statements and build a plan to know when they need to act and adapt to changing rates.

Session 1: The Basics of Rising Rates and Your Business

Hosted by: Danny Turner

Learn the basics of interest and inflation rates and then understand the sensitivity that your operating margins and profitability have to these rate changes. In this webinar, learn:

  • The connection between rising interest rates and inflation
  • What rising rates mean for small, privately owned businesses
  • Why inflation and higher interest rates will change your financial statements
  • How you can model the impact on your cash flow and predict the future of your business




Session 2: Building a Plan to Adapt your Supply Chain to Rising Rates

Hosted by: Danny Turner

Once you understand the impact rising rates will have on your business, it’s important to build a plan to react and build resilience in your business. In this webinar, learn:

  • The three major components of a plan for rising rates
  • Where you can find the effect of these two factors in your supply chain
  • How to determine when pricing should change and how to calculate which prices to adjust
  • When you should talk to your customers and suppliers about price changes






These workshops are designed for business owners who want to understand how their business will change because of this new fiscal reality. Come prepared to read a few financial statements and do a little math!

All webinars are hosted live with quizzes, Q&A sessions, and interactive content with the facilitator. Digital presentation materials are distributed to attendees via email in advance of the session.