BBA’s Education Workshops

We offer Education Workshop Webinars to Business Professionals within the region. Our team moderates the workshops and they are led by specialists experienced in Human Resources, Business Growth and Development, Digital Marketing, Financing, and more.

One-on-one consultations and reviews with subject specialists through our HR Review, Tech Review, and Financial Review workstreams are available, contact us for details.

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Human Resources Education Series

Are you having trouble attracting, motivating, and retaining employees? Looking for best practices for employment policies and procedures in the Kootenays? Want to dip your toe into a better approach to managing your Human Capital? The HR Series is right for you.

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Digital Marketing Education Series

Whether using technology to market your business on social media and search, or using technology to improve your operations and improve productivity, the Tech Series can give you regionally-appropriate best practices to leverage technology in your business.

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Financial Reporting Education Series

Bookkeeping and Accounting are not the black arts they appear to be. Look beyond your bank account and learn how to use your financial statements to understand and manage your business. The Financial Reporting Series can give you regionally-appropriate best practices to use standard financial statements in your business.

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